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Terra Mítica - Theme park in BenidormTicket Sales for Terra Mítica.

Tickets available:

1 day ticket for  Terra Mitica without  Iberia Park with a discount of  6€ adults & 4€ children/seniors.   Here on the web 31€ Adults - 24€ Children.  Price at the Box office 37€ adults - 28€ children.

1 day Terra Mitica + Iberia Park. Adults 53€ children 39€.

1 day Iberia Park without Terra Mitica.  Adults 29€ - children 21€.

Combined entrance tickets with 2nd consecutive day free in Terra Mitica:

Terra Mitica + Aqualandia 53€ Adults - Children 40€

Terra Mitica + Mundomar 47€ Adults - 36€ Children

Entrance tickets for ALL 3 parks - Terra Mitica+ Aqualandia + Mundomar Adults  69€ - children 55€.

Discover hidden secrets on the banks of the Mediterranean. Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and her islands. Thousands of years of history transformed into fun, emotion and adrenalin.

Can you imagine your children’s faces when you join them on the rides and share these sensations. Priceless!
Listen to their laughter and you’ll forget the rest. Fun has no age limit, so go on, enjoy yourselves!

Do you know what adrenalin is? If you don’t, you’ll soon find out! Here in Terra Mitica you have so many rides you will be gasping for breath. So breathe deeply.

For the serious fun seekers, here are some of the attractions available to you at Terra Mitica.

Turn upside down at 100 kilometres per hour, the Tizona creates a real adrenalin rush with 35 second nose dives, 360º loop the loop and corkscrew twists, and the Magnus Colossus the longest wooden roller coaster in Europe.
All the main attractions have smaller versions for children.

When you purchase a 1 day ticket for Terra Mitica without Iberia Park from this web site you have a discount of 6€ off the adult price and 4€ from the children/Senior price. 
Normal price at the ticket office is 37€ adultos y 28€ for Children and Seniors.
 Prices for Terra Mitica + Iberia Park 53€ Adults & 39€ Children & Seniors.


  • Español (spanish formal Internacional)
  • English (United Kingdom)

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Terra Mitica Offers

Remember: 6€ discount  for adults and 4€  discount for children & Seniors when buying a 1 day entrance ticket  for Terra Mitica (without Iberia Park) from our website.



Terra Mitica Benidorm Halloween 2014

Terra Mitica Benidorm Halloween 2014

   2 x 1 OFFER valid from 4th Octubre 2014.       Purchase your tickets here.          

02 Oct 2014 Noticias

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Terra Mitica Benidorm. Halloween Special. Entrance & Halloween Themed Dinner

Terra Mitica Benidorm. Halloween Special.  Entrance & Halloween Themed Dinner

        Friday 31st October 2014 Halloween Themed Dinner in Terra Mitica Benidorm. Entrance from 20:00 hours until Midnight with free parking.  Priices: ...

22 Oct 2014 Noticias

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